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Some things always remain unpredictable. The weather in the UK is one of those things. And if you are stuck somewhere in the bad weather, without having your own conveyance, it can be a nightmare for you. It could be your office, somewhere far from your place in Middlesex, or you could be in a hurry. That’s where our taxis in Middlesex can serve you.

To make travelling budget friendly and easy for the residents of Middlesex, I, together with my team, have laid down the basis of a reliable taxi company in the form of Middlesex Taxi. A team service that caters to the needs of all, regardless of their budget and preferences.

We at Middlesex Taxi, believe the real success is when the customer leaves your taxi in a happy mood and content with the service. And the team of operators in Middlesex Taxi, due to their years of experience in working in a similar industry, knows what it takes to make a customer happy.

We are a customer-centric company where every decision is taken to further enhance your comfort. Be it any form of travelling, airport transfer, station transfer, or taxi required for any purpose, you can trust Middlesex Taxi company to provide you taxi near you anywhere in Middlesex.

We're Unqiue!

  • On Time
    Always on Time

    Time is of essence importance for you, and for us as well. You don’t want a single minute delay and we don’t want it either. You have a flight scheduled and our cabs have another ride! Therefore, our cabs are always on time!

  • No Hidden Charges
    No Hidden Charges

    Our drivers are strictly forbidden from soliciting any kind of hidden or extra charges at the end of the ride. You don’t have to pay any extra penny, besides your ride fare. Honesty is the secret of our success.

  • Book From Anywhere
    Book From Anywhere

    We let you book your cab from anywhere, anytime. With our app installed in your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about your transfers, no matter where you are. Who else gives you this luxury?

  • Your Favorite Cars
    Your Favorite Cars

    Our car fleet consists of your favorite cars. Be it station transfer, airport transfer, or any other travelling, you have the freedom to book any of your preferred cabs and enjoy a great time.

Airport Transfers

We respect your time
We respect your time

Our airport transfer service is 24/7 at your disposal. Day or night, whether you want to book in advance or it’s an urgent booking, you can count on us to get your transfer done in a timely manner. Our airport transfer service is for the following airports:

Our Services

Station Transfers

budget-friendly service
A budget-friendly service

We don’t want you to experience any inconvenience, for your station transfer or while travelling from station to your home. Therefore, our station transfer service is cheap and always on time. You and your luggage are transported safely from or to your desired station. Our station transfer service is for the following stations:

Our Car Fleet

  • MVP Car
    MVP Car

    Our spacious MVPs are 24/7 at your disposal.

  • Estate Car
    Estate Car

    Book your transfers in our estate cars at cheap fare.

  • Saloon Car
    Saloon Car

    Do your intercity travelling in our saloon cars.

  • Executive Car
    Executive Car

    Our recommended cars to travel for corporate events.